Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Poverty is the deficiency or lack of resources needed to survive and live comfortably. Everywhere in the world we see a lot of families suffering from this condition. They experience scarcity of food, clothing, shelter, and other things essential in order to exist. Poverty does not only affect the people struck by it, but also the society they are living in. This is a serious problem that each government has to look deeper into if they want to improve the overall well-being of their people and help in the progression of their country.The personal effects of poverty can be debilitating for people. This affects the physical, mental, social, and psychological condition of an individual. The most obvious hardship these people experience is the insufficient supply of necessary things that we need day-to-day in order to live. Getting food to put on their tables and clothes to protect them can be a real challenge. Starvation is the first and foremost effect of poverty, which can lead to malnutrition. This situation makes people more susceptible to contracting diseases and spreading them. Their overall resistance to illnesses lowers when their body does not have the sufficient vitamins and minerals to stay strong and repel viruses. When they get sick, they don't have the assets to go to the hospital and buy the needed medicines to recover. The mental state and health of people can also be affected when they are always hungry. Delusions and hallucinations can be experienced by malnourished people. When not prevented, this may eventually lead to more serious mental illnesses.Individuals who are denied of the riches that other people have can also have an effect on their self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. They feel that they are worthless and no longer have a bright future, hence the tendency to lose hope and just give up. It affects their peace of mind since they are constantly worrying how to survive yet another day. Their dignities are also bruised and can eventually affect their perception of the world in whole. Impoverished people can actually feel hatred in the world they live in since they think it is unfair that some people can live abundantly and not them.Without enough resources, people also become illiterate. They cannot afford to go to school and learn. People living in really poor countries cannot even read and write, and this can limit their options in life. Without the proper knowledge, they won't be able to find a good job to improve their standardof living, and they will be forever stuck in the condition they are in. Opportunities to prosper will not be available.Other than the effects of poverty on oneself, there is also the effect on the society they live in. Everywhere we go, we see people living on the streets and sleeping on the pavements. They do not have permanent homes or shelters and just squat on empty lots or spaces. This view can be bad for tourism since it is unsightly to look at. Sometimes these people even relieve themselves on the streets making it so unhygienic not just for themselves but also on the people who lives around the area or passes the location. This scenario definitely won't invite tourists and in turn can affect the income of the country.Poverty also makes the affected people be a burden to the government since they are depended on whatever help it can give them. The budget of the government intended for other things needed to run a country can be hugely divided when there are more people to support in terms of health care, housing, or welfare. A country will not prosper well when many of its constituents are on the poverty line. When most of its people are poor with no means to education, a country's economy can easily decline. Skills, knowledge, and competency will not be available for the next generation to run the country in the future. Illiteracy will also result to unproductivity since people cannot work. They are not contributing to the society since they don't pay taxes and help in bringing more income to the country.Crime and delinquency will also increase with poverty. Individuals will do anything to live and survive, and when their means are limited, it is easy for them to break the law. People will be forced to steal, snatch, and rob just to have money to provide for their essential needs. Increase in prostitution and illegal businesses are also results of poverty. People turn to anything even if it is against their personal values just to get by. It is no longer a choice for them whether an act is right or wrong, their only purpose is to stay alive.Poverty is present everywhere and it can afflict anyone. When resources are limited, the distribution of assets and wealth will never be equal, hence, leaving some people with lesser money and some with more. This is a global problem that affects everybody, no matter what your status in the society. What we have to contemplate now is how we will be able to help and make a difference in our little ways.

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