Monday, September 28, 2009

Change Is A Need !!!

I don¹t want to overstate the case for change, I am fairly circumspect about political parties intentions when they insinuate change. For the most part they do not act very forcefully to help bring it to fruition. There needs to be tangible evidence which is very essential if there is to be any progressive change of consequence in this country.That said, those who have been in the political process for what seems like eternity and believe that the ruling Party is firmly in the hands of a malignant and self-serving corporate and political elite have to explain why their own political agenda, seems to be sinking.Meanwhile, it must be acknowledged that the change phenomenon is a real thing. That is to say, whatever your personal politics, the change desire is genuinely igniting a wave of passionate support across this country especially among and particularly the young, and more recently the middle and lower income citizens who had for years been ignored by, and consequently disinterested in the political process.It might be that this is the result of all the mismanagement, corruption, crime, intimidation that has become a staple in the present regime. Hence the reason, it would be a mistake for anyone, to dismiss this phenomenon as meaningless, and to ignore it or its potential.Indeed, I want to suggest here that at this point it would be wise to take the proverbial tiger by the tail, and heed the clarion call for "change". The stirring up of hopes and expectations for those in dire straits should not be denied, in the end that call will succeed. Those who are complicant and comfortble with the status quo will be suprised that the folly of their ways is but to their own detrement.Therefore, the forces that are propelling this call is louder than they could ever imagine, and those forces will not easily be denied if they are determine to succeed.Should this happen- and it probably will happen there needs to be a real alternative agent of progressive change.This is a call-to-action, definitely, not a reason complancency.What I'm suggesting here is, the very rhetoric of change, may be creating something bigger than one can imagine, and that there is: a powerful constituency for real change.

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