Saturday, September 12, 2009

Budget speech disappoints everyone.

In the face of the worst economic conditions in recent decades, the government delivered it’s budget speech.The contents of the budget speech, delivered by the Minister of Finance, were, for the most part, predictable, and the response from opposition parties has thus far has also been predictable.Not surprisingly, the focus of the speech was the severity of the economic crisis, and the broad stroke measures the government intends to implement to mitigate the impact of the country's economic doldrums, and drive economic recovery.The pace, depth and scope of the economic crisis surpassed expectations, she implied.We have been hit by seismic economic shifts that were unpredictable and brutally deceiving in their speed and force, she wanted to yell out. The language she is using is an indication that it’s [deficit situation] going to be really bad,It was a rationalization of all the cuts and downgrading of vital services they’re going to have to do because of the deficit situation.These to me are re-hashes of previous speeches or the worst I have heard.The speech, lacked any real relevance for communities currently suffering as a result of neglience by this government.What’s missing in this speech is a deliberate and concerted effort to help with crime, health care, education, proper infrastructure and the list could go on and on.We’re losing our capacity to maintain our communities in a healthy manner.We need some real strategies. It is time for this government to stop with all the lies and callous immoral behaviour and start dealing with the citizens of this country with respect and dignity.

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