Monday, September 7, 2009


The flag of Trinidad and Tobago means something. It stands for something we all recognize, and all believe in. Freedom!!.Yet idly, we have stood by, while watching our political leaders take away freedom, after freedom. For the sake of security. The sake of protection. The sake of the kids. Whatever excuse they can come up with. When will it end? Hopefully soon. It seem’s as if Trinidad and Tobago's apathy for politics is coming to an end, and a rage is beginning.The next Election is just the start of what will undoubtably become a huge Reformation in Trinidad and Tobago. The restoration of the document of supreme law of the land, The Trinidad and Tobago Constitution. As citizens, we live in a country that gives us great opportunity, but we also live in a country, where we have been taught to find salvation from our Government, which is FAR from the truth!!!.We as a nation, have been taken for the proverbial ride by our Elected officials time and time again. Supposably being represented by two parties, who are so close in beliefs, except when it comes to trivial issues, that have no signifance in our elections. Then we blame it on the media, because surely our government isn’t to blame! Then when we catch our elected officials, we slap them on the hand and go, “Bad boy!! now go to your room”, and keep them in office, ONLY TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.Our laws aren’t being dictated by common sense. Instead of wondering “Does this better our common good, is it in line with the constitution”, it’s become “Is this against MY PARTY?”.We claim the media’s too liberal. We claim the media’s too conservative. We claim they never told us about that story months ago that we just didn’t listen to, or is it because we didn’t care?I’m sorry to say, but our government, is a reflection and empowered by ourselves. We have empowered their actions for years, and now we are being oppressed by them, because we oppress everyone around us. In fear that something is going to happen. It’s becoming intolerable and things are about to explode.This Administration…..•Demand more money.•Demand a bigger, more unbalanced system of government.•Demand to know where you are, who you are, what you buy, and how you live your life.•Demand more outsourcing of labour and contracts.•Demand more power.•Demand more censorship.•Demand more control.•Demand control of your life.•Demand the right to tell you, what to do.•Demand Totaltarianism.•Demand more Nepotsim in Government•Demand less private rights.•Demand less human rights.Fearful words to make you believe everything they say. After all, Fear is powerful. Everyone has it, but not many people can control it with sense and thought.They make it easier with standardized education. Nothing like restricting what our upcoming generation knows, so that your life is easier to dominate what you desire. Unfortunately, the internet became what they never expected.If you haven’t already figured it out, here’s a tip. The government is trying to control you. Restrict your knowledge. The less you know, the less you can make judgement.Fortunately, the youth (and many others) of Trinidad and Tobago are opening their eyes. Campaigns all over the country calling for the restoration of the constitution are growing. •It’s time to drop the lawless behaviour of those in elected office.•It’s time for you to start to follow the rule of law, and stop interpreting it according to your own liking.•It’s time for paycut on all elected officials and receive pay on work done which I believe for most would be minimum wage.•It’s time for sound money, no specualtion markets on essential commodities.•It’s time to help people stand on their own two feet.•It’s time to allow the public the right to plan and choose their own course of action without your censorship, once it is within the law of the land.•It’s time to restore your belief in the constitution.•It’s time to educate, not stipulate and dictate.•It’s time to let thy fellow man live their life, without your intervention.•It’s time for smaller more responsible government.•It’s time to Govern by the rule of the law books and stop making up your own ad hoc rules.•It’s time for a more balanced government.
It's Time For A Reformation.

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