Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Need Genuine Change Not A Recycling Of The Old.

Change 2012 believes that we must put behind us the bitter political struggles that have torn our country apart for many decades. Many of these have no relevance whatsoever to the modern world- Public versus private, bosses versus workers, middle class versus working class. It is time for Trinidad and Tobago to move forward. We are proud of our history, proud of what we have achieved- but we must learn from our history, not to be bind to it. We are a broad-based party for progress and justice. Change 2012 is the political arm of none other than the people of Trinidad and Tobago as a whole. Our values are the same: equal worth of all, with none cast aside; fairness and justice within strong communities. We will be happy and will to work with anyone that are for the development and betterment of this country. But we will liberate these values from outdated dogmas or doctrines, and we will apply these values to the modern world that we live in. We want a country in which people are treated fairly, do well, make a success of their lives. I have no time for divisive or politics of envy. The vision is one of national renewal, a country with drive, purpose and energy. A Trinidad and Tobago equipped to prosper in a global economy of technological change; with its politics more accountable; and confident of its place in the world.Whazir Khan EdooChange 2012 Trinidad and Tobago.

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