Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The families and the State.

Change 2012 does not see families and the state as rival providers for the needs of our citizens. Families should provide the day-to-day support for children to be brought up in a stable and loving environment. But families cannot flourish unless government plays its distinctive role: in education, where necessary, in caring for the young; in making adequate provisions for illness and old age; in supporting good parenting; and in protecting families from lawlessness and the abuse of power. Society through government, must assist families to achieve collectively what no family can achieve alone. Yet families in Trinidad and Tobago today are under strain as never before. The security once offered are all gone or undermined. Streets are not safe. Families are not safe even in their own homes. The clock should be turned back. Change 2012 will work to take back our streets and make Trinidad and Tobago a society that we are proud to offer to the world again.

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