Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trinidad and Tobago, Changing Times.

Trinidad and Tobago is going through the painful process of Change that is a global reality. We have to Change they way we live,the way we conduct business, the way we protect the environment and our future generations. We cannot continue to do business as usual anymore. We have to Change with the times or we will be left behind and the rest of the world will be so far ahead that we would think we are in reverse mode. However, to achieve our goal of becoming a serious player on the Global stage we have to Change our thinking and, our leaders who prove themselves to be incompetent time and time again. We have to look forward and make some painful but necessary Changes. Just take a look at our beautiful twin Island Republic and see if your are satisfied with the way things are going. Every Election cycle we have the same promises from our leaders only to disappointed afterwards because of their deception.
Postulation of Change is good but what we need now, more than ever is to have action rather than just rhetoric. In 2012 we all have a chance for Change and, Change is coming!!! either we embrace it and have a better more vibrant Country or we will be in the pit of recycling the same old ideology. 2012 will come at us wether we are ready for Change or not. So we must get ready and vote for Change that would bring a better brighter future for our Islands and our Children.